My name is Guus Zeen and i live in the province Gelderland in the Netherlands.
My girlfriend Melanie Natrop breeds Norwegian Forestcats since 1993
and after sharing her passion for some years, i wanted something of my own...
I always liked the very BIG Maine Coons with the great lynx tufts and wild-look,
but when i saw one special type of Maine Coon, i knew this is what I want!
So now i have my own cattery, with the support in knowledge of my girlfriend.
My cats are from exclusive catteries with very high quality,
low inbreeding and good health and of course a nice temper!

The cattery name is based on my passion for old cars as i drive old Opels (GM-Chevrolet)
and the mix of our names: Guus - Melanie - Coonies

Kokoshka and me

Melanie with Lolek and Kokoshka

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