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Born 01-09-2015

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24-04-16 Zutphen NL EX1 + NOM + BIS

Alaska, as we call her is a very special girl:
Extremely smart, naughty but still soooo lovely <3
She fetchs toys for us like a dog!
She adores children, kittens and dogs.
At night she lays next to me, giving love bites and cuddles.
She is very dear to us.
Alaska is a very large and strongbuilt girl!
Her coat is simply awesome and she has such great expression!

Horror story Alaska:
Unfortunately we had to neuter her as she sees newborn (wet) kittens as prey.
Not only did she murder one of her own kittens last autumn,
but she also murdered one of our newborn norwegian forestcat kittens,
wich was a terrible schock and drama to our intire family.
Once the kittens are dry, she plays the role of a surrogate mother to them.
What on earth is wrong with her?!

We suspect that it took too long for her to get kittens of her own,
as she wasn't easy to mate with due to throwing herself on the side and back.
We couldn't find a male able to mate with her,
nore did we get the support we hoped for from her breeder to find one...
The males we suggested were never good enough, no matter the urge to get her pregnant,
as we knew she would soon get a uterus infection due to beeing in the heat so often.
The breeder let us (as we found out later many breeders more) standing in the rain!

So after too many times of beeing in the heat she indeed got the severe uterus infection we feared for.
The vet highly reccomended to neuter her after treatment, as the risc of surgery was too high at that moment.
The puss could have gotten into her abdominal cavity.
We confronted the breeder with this fact and asked for the restitution from breeding female to neuter.
Showing her the papers from the vet, but she never gave us that money! We are talking about 750 euro here...
She kept ignoring us, like she does now and like she already did to many other victims of her breeding.

The vet treated her well and found it such a shame to neuter her.
So we gave it a last try - meantime still no word from the breeder...
After that Alaska finally got mated by our own male with a little help of Sepia D30.
This resulted in two kittens. But as she was too excited about finally having babies of her own,
she was clumsy detatching the umbilical cord/navel-string and chewed of her firstborns intire front leg!
As he was so strong we decided to get him a surgery.
He survived this surgery very well and started to drink right away.
But Alaska kept on chewing on him, so we had to put him down anyway in the end :(
And now the murder of our Norwegian Forestcat baby...

We hope that we can keep her in our family as a neuter,
but will have to seperate her every time new kittens are born. Sigh :(
Unfortunately we had no chance of keeping her. She chased away the mothers from their own kittens.
So we had to rehome her with enormous pain in our hearts.
She lives now at my daughters place, but still our hearts are broken :(
And STILL the breeder ignores us!

1500 euro purchase breeding female
700 euro matingfee for two males, without succes
300 euro treatment uterus infection
280 euro surgery and euthanizing of the kitten
650 euro loss as we could have sold that kitten
650 euro loss for the latest kittens she murdered
Total 4080 euro loss!
And the breeder refused to restitute the money for neuterd female!
As she does with many breeders, even back in 1992!
Had she spported us in finding a male, able to mate sich difficult female, it would never have come this far!

19 months


1,5 years


15 months

11 months

with her best friend Paula (norwegian forestcat)

9 months

6 months
4,2 kg

5 months

4 months

First day in our home <3