MCO d 22
Born 15-07-2014

He is now on a Suprelorin Pause!

Show results:
25-01-15 EX2
01-03-15 EX1
19-04-15 EX1 + BIV!!

This is a stunning tiger with a sweet and soft temper towards other cats.
But he knows exactly what he wants or not wants!!
Hee looks simply amazing!
What an expression... He can talk with his eyes...

His parents:
PL*Lavender Love Kody

D*Shedoros Aurora

What we really appreciate in the cats from Shedoros is their strengh!
They don't look like skinny, long hairless trendy cats,
but like impressive and strong cats with loads of good looking coat!
Like some wonderful fairytaile creature...
That's the kind of Maine Coon i want to breed!

Thank you so much Dorothea for entrusting your jewels to us!
We promise to treasure them always!

He is NOT available for outside matings!

Almost 4 years old

3 years and 3 months

2 years and 4 months


2 years and 2 months


17 months
Pictures taken by Dorothea Scibura - THANKS!!! :)






Just turned 10 months


Funny fellow :)

Almost 10 months weight 6,8kg


Cat show in Steenderen 19-04-2015 EX1 + BIV! :)

Cat show 01-03-2015 - EX1

Almost 7 months
weight 5,8kg

With 8,5 months old Kokoshka

6,5 months

6 months weight 5,1kg

4 months weight 4 kg!

3 months