Kittens are born!!!

Litter 6
born 20-12-2018

Kittens are born!!!

Litter 5
born 08-02-2018


Kittens are born!!!

Litter 4
born 01-09-2017

Litter 3
born 23-08-2017

Cat show Zutphen 24-04-2016

Alaska EX1 + NOM+ BIS! :)

Welcome home!
NL*Dynamicats Streetdance


Litter 2 was born!

Born 04-12-2015
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Our first litter is born!
Litter 1:

Born 05-11-2015

All promised!
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Welcome home!
D*Shedoros Obelix

Cat show Steenderen 19-04-2015

Lolek EX1 + BIV! :)

Willow: Relaxe....EX1 :)

Kokoshka satyed at home as she was in the heat.

Cat show Eindhoven 01-03-15

Willow EX1 + BIV

Lolek EX1

Willow of cooncreek won BIV!!

Shedoros Kokoshka got EX1 + NOM!!!

Shedoros Lolek got EX1

25-01-15 at the world show in Houten NL

Willow of cooncreek won BIV + NOM !!

Shedoros Kokoshka got EX1

Shedoros Lolek got EX2